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livestream ecommerce

How To Build Your E-commerce Live Room

livestream ecommerce

Nowadays livestream broadcast is very popular. If we want to grasp the live stream, the creation of the live broadcast room is the content we must master. The live broadcast room is designed and constructed adhering to the principle of practicality. A good live broadcast room is easier to retain users and increase transaction volume.


livestream ecommerce

1. Venue

The area of ​​the live broadcast room is recommended to be about 15-50 square meters, so it is convenient to arrange and the products have a place to be placed. Different categories have different requirements for the scene, mainly depending on their own demand, and the requirements for clothing categories will be larger.

2. Background

It is best to use a light-colored solid-color background wall as the main basis for the live broadcast room, which should be built on the basis of simplicity, generosity, and brightness. But it is not recommended to be a large white wall, pure white is easy to reflect light. It is recommended that the color of the background wall of the live broadcast be dark gray or light brown, which will stand out the anchor.

livestream ecommerce

3. Lighting

The lighting of the live broadcast room is a very key factor in creating a live broadcast room, which can improve the quality of the live broadcast room to a certain extent. The lighting of the live broadcast must match the color of the background wall, and the overhead light is enough to illuminate the scene. Do not direct the light to the wall to avoid visual fatigue. Don't put all the lights on the anchor's face, the anchor's face should be evenly lit.

4. Sound

Before the live broadcast, you need to test the sound insulation and echo conditions of the venue. If the sound insulation is not good or the echo is too heavy, it will affect the normal progress of the live broadcast. At the same time, we can also play some background music in the live broadcast room, but the background music should not be too large, otherwise it will affect the voice of the anchor.