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preparation before TIKTOK live broadcast?

1.Equipment  & product preparation before live broadcast

Hardware preparations include live broadcast tools such as mobile phones, brackets, and fill lights.

You can prepare two mobile phones, one for live broadcast. You need a high-pixel camera to ensure sufficient power supply, and turn on airplane mode to avoid being disturbed by other messages.

Another mobile phone can be used by the live broadcast assistant to view comments, take screenshots and interact, and monitor the stability of the live broadcast.

Secondly, you need to prepare brackets, fill lights, sound cards, etc. to improve the sound and picture effects of the live broadcast room.

livestream device


2.Confirm the target audience before the live broadcast

Before the live broadcast, it is determined who the live broadcast is for, so that a personalized live broadcast plan can be planned and the live broadcast content can be refined.We need to determine who our target groups are based on dimensions such as region, age, and spending power.

live broadcast device


3.Preparation of the live script before the live broadcast

It is very important to prepare a live broadcast script before the live broadcast!
In many cases, it almost directly determines whether your live broadcast effect is good or bad!

The reason why the live broadcast script is important is because it includes: the live broadcast from the beginning to the end, the planning of each time node, what the anchor will do in each time period, what to say, how to say, how to do it, etc.;
livestream device


4.Learn about live broadcast rules

Nowadays TIKTOK is very strict on live broadcast regulations. If you don't understand the live broadcast rules, it is easy to cause interruptions or even bans.

livestream device

5.Replay after the live broadcast

After the live broadcast, there is one action that must be done - live broadcast review: through various data analysis, find the deficiencies in the previous live broadcast, find a solution, optimize the next live broadcast, and improve the quality of each live broadcast. in order to obtain more benefits and conversions.