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How to create/make an NFT art?

How to create/make an NFT art?

How to make an NFT art?

1. Create your own digital crypto wallet.

To make and sell NFTs, you need cryptocurrency. Most NFT auction platforms will require you to pay up front to “mint” the NFT, the process of turning your artwork into a non-fungible token that you can sell. The cryptocurrency ether (abbreviated to ETH) is the most commonly accepted method of payment because it is the native cryptocurrency of the open-source blockchain platform Ethereum, where NFTs were first introduced.

Some platforms are starting to accept various payment formats and create NFTs using different blockchains, some are better for the environment.

If you already own some ETH, you need to make sure you have it in a digital wallet, which you need to connect to your NFT platform of choice to make (and receive) payments. If you don't have currency, you can buy ETH on many cryptocurrency exchanges, but the quickest and easiest option is usually to buy directly with your digital wallet of choice.

There are many NFT payment platforms to choose from, most notably Coinbase, MetaMask, Torus, Portis, WalletConnect, MyEtherWallet, and Fortmatic. For illustration purposes, we'll be using MetaMask(Opens in a new tab), but you can consider any of the platforms above, and many more. In most cases, the process is similar. We recommend checking the costs involved as carefully as possible before making your choice.

Other crypto wallets recomend:

2. Set up the wallet to pay NFTs.

Metamask-Chrome extension

To create a digital wallet that will allow you to pay the NFT platform for creating and selling NFTs, you will need to visit the MetaMask website and click the blue "Download" button in the top right corner. Since I'm using a desktop computer, I choose the option to install the browser extension, but there is also a mobile app.

You will be asked to confirm "Create new wallet and mnemonic". Just say yes, agree to the terms, create a password, go through a few security measures, and you're ready to set up your account.

3. Transfer tokens to the wallet.

Transfer tokens to the Metamask wallet.

After setting up your MetaMask wallet or any digital wallet, you need to add some ETH to it.

You'll be taken to a page where you can buy ETH with Apple Pay or a debit card. Note that if you don't want to spend any money yet, you can save this stage for a later date; it just requires more hassle

The jargon involved in the cryptocurrency world can make this part of learning how to make and sell NFTs quite daunting, but buying currency is actually pretty easy to do.

4. Link your wallet to the NFT platform.

Link your wallet to the NFT platform.

Most digital wallets work in a similar way. Whichever way you choose, you'll need to connect it to the NFT platform you'll be using to sell your NFT. For illustration purposes, we use Rarible, but there are many other NFT platforms to choose from, and the process is roughly similar to the one we outline below.

5. Upload the source file of your creations.

 Upload the source file of your creations.

So now you have a wallet connected with ETH for payment, you're ready to make and sell an NFT. On the Rarible site, click the blue 'Create' button at the top right. You'll then be given options to create a single, one-off work, or to sell the same item multiple times.

In this example, we'll opt for ‘Single’. Now you need to upload the digital file that you want to make into an NFT. Rarible accepts PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP4 and MP3 files, up to 30MB in size.

6. Set up auctions for your NFTs.

Set up auctions for your NFTs.

In the next section of the form, you need to choose how to sell your NFT artwork. There are three options. "Fixed Price" allows you to set a price and sell your NFTs instantly. The "Unlimited Auction" option will allow people to keep bidding until you accept. Finally, a "timed auction" is an auction that only lasts a certain amount of time. Here are the options we'll choose as an example.

This leads us to the trickiest part: choosing the lowest price. Sell ​​your NFTs too cheaply, and huge fees can eat into your profits and may even cost you out of pocket. We set the price at an ambitious 1 ETH (currently $4,700) and gave people 7 days to bid.

Next, you can select "Unlock After Purchase". This gives you the opportunity to provide your final buyer with a full high-resolution version of the artwork and/or other material via a secret web page or download link. Below is the most confusing option, titled "Choose Favorites." This is a very technical question about how to build a blockchain. The default option here is "Rare", and we recommend keeping it that way.

7. Add proper description to sell your NFTs.

Add proper description to sell your NFTs on Rarible

You can now add a title and description to your listing. To maximize the chances of your NFT selling, you should take some time to think about this. You will then be asked to consider the percentage of royalties you would like to claim when resale of your artwork in the future.

Again, this is a balancing act, as a higher percentage will bring you more revenue per sale in the long run, but it will also discourage people from reselling your art in the first place, Because they are unlikely to profit from it themselves. Finally, there is an optional field to add the properties of the file. When you're done, you're almost done

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