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How to make money from NFT markets?

How to make money from NFT markets?

How ordinary people can make money in NFTs?

The NFT craze is growing day by day, and more and more companies and players are interested in this field. How can ordinary people earn the first pot of gold in life in NFT? The following 6 topics can be used as an understanding.


1.Invest in Promising New NFTs Early

 There is no need to explain more, buy the coins early and hold it to the moon!


2.P2E gaming-Game-Fi

 What is unique about blockchain games is that they give players the ability to "play and earn". In a nutshell, it means that users can earn something and extend this to earning money by playing games. Some even make it their main business because their gaming time can be monetized. The more popular games of the moment are Axie Infinity, Star Atlas and Gods Unchained.


3.HODLing your NFTs

 There is also no need to explain more, HODLing your coins until next bullish and hold it to the moon!


4.Create Your Own NFTs to Sell

 For this part I wirte another article for New NFT creator to explain how do create NFT to sell by yourself.

The article link as below:

How to make money from NFT markets?


5.NFT Trading

 Reselling NFTs is one of the most lucrative ways to make money in the market right now. Resale means buying NFTs when they are minted and then selling them on the same market at a higher price. However, this does not mean that every NFT project can be resold, subject to certain market rules.


6.Invest in Companies relate to NFTs

You can look for NFT-related software/hardware companies in the market and buy their shares to get a profit.



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