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interactive whiteboard

What Are the Benefits of an Interactive Whiteboard?

interactive whiteboard

Imagine a whiteboard where you can not only write on but also play videos, show interactive presentations and recall previously erased information. That's what an interactive whiteboard does, using a special touch-sensitive whiteboard in conjunction with a computer and projector to receive commands and display information. When the information is projected onto the whiteboard, nothing is actually written on the whiteboard; it is processed on the computer.​​​ This provides interactive whiteboards with more functionality than traditional whiteboards, making them an advanced tool for education and the workplace.


interactive whiteboard


One of the most significant advantages of interactive whiteboards is that they enable more engagement than traditional whiteboards. For example, interactive whiteboards can be used in conjunction with a single device to enable participants or viewers to answer questions or vote from their seats and have their responses collected instantly on the whiteboard. They also enable people to manipulate information in ways that are not possible or practical on a conventional whiteboard, such as tapping on the screen to perform calculations, displaying layers of information, or moving information with their fingertips.


Flexible use

Interactive whiteboards can not only present lessons, but also provide more opportunities for collaborative group activities. Students can analyze problems, discuss and develop solutions together, and encourage each other to think critically and creatively.


interactive whiteboard

Adapt to a variety of learning styles

Interactive whiteboards help students learn in the way that works best for them. The many apps available for these devices allow for learning in a variety of ways. Audio, visual and dynamic learners can watch and listen to material and even follow up in real time on their own synced devices.


Digital curriculum

With interactive whiteboards, teachers can easily digitize lessons, making it easier for students to learn on their own devices. Materials can be uploaded to cloud storage and these interactive lessons are always accessible. Together, they create a more focused and streamlined learning environment where students can quickly ask questions and access the answers they need in real time.