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Choosing the Most Suitable Interactive Board For Classrooms

Choosing The Most Suitable Interactive Board For Classrooms

interactive whiteboard

The boring days when teaching was limited to chalk and blackboards have gone. Interactive classrooms are becoming more and more important with the continuous enhancement of technological advantages in education and the slow rise of artificial intelligence in education. However, with increasing popularity has increased the choice and range we can choose from. Interactive presentations are very important in increasing student participation in activities. Today, IWB (Interactive Whiteboard) joins a plethora of interactive technological advancements that provide the ability for teachers to connect and interact with students and facilitate coordinated work.

interactive whiteboard

Let's take a look at some factors you must consider before choosing an interactive display for your classroom

1. Size and Design

Flat interactive whiteboards for most classroom sizes range from 55" to 98", with the most popular sizes between 65" and 84". The size of the room should determine the size of the screen. The basic rule is that the screen should be large enough for students sitting at the back of the classroom to easily read 20pt fonts.

2.Resolution is the key

Resolution defines the sharpness and clarity of any visual panel and is the number of pixels (a single color point) contained in the screen. Resolution is defined as the number of pixels on the horizontal axis X the number of pixels on the vertical axis. The higher the resolution, the sharper and clearer the image.

3.Touch function

One of the main reasons to buy an interactive whiteboard is of course to touch and tap the screen while utilizing recognized gestures to perform everyday tasks on the device.Most interactive touchscreens have 6 or 10 simultaneous touch points. Our recommendation is to only consider interactive screens with 6 or more touch points.

interactive whiteboard


All interactive screens with an integrated Android or Windows player should be equipped with an Ethernet network interface (LAN-RJ45 connection) or embedded Wi-Fi capability.

5.Microphone array

A microphone array is a series of microphones in a device that work together to capture a more dynamic range of sound. For example, a 2-microphone array with microphones placed on the left and right sides of the device would be able to capture individual sounds from either side of the room, then combine them to create a surround sound effect.High-quality microphone arrays will provide distance learners with more precise sound capture from all parts of the classroom, eliminating the worry of students missing important points.