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interactive whiteboard

Benefits From Interactive Whiteboard In School

interactive whiteboard

No matter where students study, at home or at school, interactive flat panel displays (new interactive whiteboards) help make a quality education accessible to all students.


interactive whiteboard

How can smart whiteboards benefit students?

From problem solving to distance learning, there are several benefits specifically for students.

1.Cater to different learning styles

Interactive whiteboards accommodate many learning styles; traditional educational tools are often very limited. With interactive whiteboards, elementary students can learn in the way that works best for them. Smartboards provide audio, visual and dynamic learners with access to tools and materials to get the most out of every classroom lesson.

2.Enjoy gamification in the classroom

One of the most exciting benefits of digital whiteboards for students is that research shows that digital whiteboards can increase student engagement. Digital whiteboards can help teachers gamify content to make the learning process more fun and increase motivation and focus.


3.Can record presentations

One of the main benefits of interactive whiteboards for students is that presentations can be recorded and viewed long after the course is over. This allows students to research educational weaknesses on their own time and has access to a library of comments from direct sources, ensuring they are learning the right information.


interactive whiteboard

How can smart whiteboards benefit teachers?

It's not just students who benefit. Interactive whiteboards are primarily classroom tools for teachers

1.Educational tools at your fingertips

Today's interactive whiteboards are filled with common educational tools such as rulers, protractors, periodic tables, and more.


2.Whiteboards are fresh & clean every time you need them

Gone are the whiteboard staining problems of the past. Digital whiteboards easily sweep text and drawings without leaving ghostly echoes.


3.Annotate anytime, anywhere

Smart whiteboards allow teachers to combine images and annotate directly on the display.


4.Make it easier for teachers to organize lessons

With an interactive whiteboard, teachers can easily develop and plan lessons in advance. He/she can schedule specific learning tasks, such as labeling parts of pictures and matching words to their respective meanings. Teachers can more easily deliver what students have in lesson plans.